Monday, March 31, 2008

Charlie turns 2!

Well our baby is officially a toddler now!  (that makes me sad) Charlie Marshall turned two last Saturday.  He loved his birthday and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to himself.  He is so funny.
Here is a a picture of him about to eat a cupcake.  

Charlie's visit to ER!

Our youngest son, Charlie, had a febrile seizure two months ago and I thought I would pass on some very helpful information to all you mothers out there with little ones.  The ER doctors told me that febrile seizures are not always caused by high fevers.  They can also be caused by a spike in fever. Charlie was fine at 4 pm and by 6:30 I was in the ER with him having a seizure.  His fever was only 102.8 but went from 98 to 102.8 in a very short amount of time.  They also told me that it could have been higher but was already coming down when he arrived.  CRAZY!  I never knew this was possible.  I like to pass on this type of information so you can store it in the "if I ever need it " file.   Charlie is good now thankfully.  It was the scariest thing I have ever seen.  They told me he could do it again with another illness but should grow out of it by the age of six.