Sunday, January 11, 2009

More JDRF.......

I wanted to post these pics too so you could enjoy them.  

Pregnant Pic

I found out I was pregnant with our fourth child in April of 2008.   We were so excited. I prayed and prayed we would have a girl so Gracie could have a sister.  The Lord was gracious and gave us baby Sophie on December 11th.  So, here is a picture of me pregnant and then of little Sophie Kate.


I forgot to tell you that together with the Matlocks and all our friends and family.... we raised over $44,000.00 for Diabetes Research for Type 1.    YEA!!!!  Amazing job!  


Since I have been pregnant this year, I have slacked on blogging.  So sorry.  I am going to do some quick updates.  In September, we had our second walk to cure Diabetes in Plano.  We had an amazing turnout.  One hundred and ten walkers joined our team.... THE SAM AND SKYEWALKERS.  We were completely overwhelmed at the support of so many friends and family.  It truly inspires Sam and he will tell you this is his favorite thing to do.  It makes him feel so good to see people out walking to help find a cure for him.  In the day to day hardships that come with this disease, it is nice to see how God can bless you through it.   We see his hand in all the details of Sam's disease and are beginning to see how God is using his disease to bring himself glory.  Here are some pics from our walk.  IF you didn't join us this year, consider it for next year.  I believe it is Sept. 26th (but don't quote me).