Monday, October 6, 2008

The Healing Begins!

Charlie is feeling better and beginning to heal.  Thank you Lord!


Here he is at LakePointe ER.

UH OH!!!!

Well, when we got back from Indianapolis, we had an accident.  Charlie fell off the couch and onto the coffee table in Bart's office.  Oh my blood was EVERYWHERE!  So for an hour and a half, Bart and I discussed whether or not he needed to go to the emergency room.  I decided I didn't want a big scar across his head so I wanted to take him, not to mention he was still bleeding a lot after two hours.  So, off we went to the wonderful Greenville Emergency Room.  We waited two hours with blood running down his face and after two hours I left.  Come on, he is two!  They told me it would be another two and a half to three hours because there were five people in front of us.  They really need a better system.  So, I decided I could be seen quicker at LakePointe.  I was right!!!!  We were glued and ready to go in one hour.  I was so thankful they decided on glue and not stitches.  I was also thankful my wonderful husband was there to hold him down.  So, we have decided he might be our accident/dare devil child who will see the ER a couple of times in his lifetime.  I hope he proves us wrong.   The glue stayed on for three weeks and he would point to his boo boo when he saw someone and say, " I hurt my head. wwight hewer. " He knew exactly where it was and knew he was not suppose to touch it.  Such a good boy!  

Picture of Bob Tasca III Team and Sam's car

Here is the entire team with Sam and his race car!!!!  How cool is that?!!


Wow. We have been so busy and I am way behind in my blogging world.  So sorry.  I will try and catch up quickly.  In August we were notified that Sam had won a contest he entered through JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and FORD.  We were all very excited.  He had to design a race car. We were so proud of him!!!  So, after winning the contest, which he raised $6801.00 towards research for Juvenile Diabetes, we were flown to Indianapolis to see the actual race car with his design, meet the driver and watch the driver (Bob Tasca III) qualify.  It was an amazing experience for us all.  The people could not have been nicer and they treated Sam like a celebrity.  He loved it!  Actually, he loved playing with Bob's six year old son more.  We were there for three days and had some great family time with him as well as a wonderful experience.  Here are some pics of his car and our trip.  GO BOB!!!!