Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been a while

Well, it seems like it has been a while since I have posted. We have been so busy with the daily summer fun..... workout, swim lessons, naps, some schooling, riding bikes and movie nights. I love summer. It is just a sweet time with family and friends.

WE had our JDRF kick off meeting to try and get everyone excited about the walk and raising funds and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. The walk is September 26th in Plano if anyone is interested. We would love to have you! I had the priviledge of meeting two families who had just had a child diagnosed with type 1 in January of this year. My heart hurt with them as the tears flowed. I know exactly how they feel. I hope that Bart and I were an encouragement to them to see that it does get better, at least with how you deal with the situation. The night before the meeting I was walking around the house saying under my breath...:I HATE DIABETES!" So, every day is a new day and there will always be good and bad, but the Lord makes the days easier to deal with as the sun rises and sets every morning and evening.

Sam is doing amazingly well with the Lantis. At bedtime if he is high, he has to have two shots instead of one because we cannot mix the two insulins like before. He had never complained about it. THANK YOU LORD!

He is getting really excited about the walk coming up. I love to see the encouragement he receives from this event.

Sophie Kate is sitting up and trying to pull herself across the floor. She needs to slow it down. My sweet baby is growing up fast!
Gracie and Charlie are in swim lessons and today they finally accomplished putting their face in the water. They were so proud of themselves.
I know this is random but I have to be quick tonight. Sorry.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

funny sayings

The kids have given boo boos a new name. The other day Gracie tripped and fell on both her knees. The next day she was looking at her injury and said, " I sure was lucky, I just fell and almost opened my blood holes again."

Last night the kids, my parents and I were at my G.G.'s house going through her things and seeing what we needed to get rid of. There was a large stack of books and I noticed Charlie looking at them. He picked one up, sat on the chair and begin to open it up and read to Gracie. He said, " Now, Jesus said..... he had a horse and we were going to ride it. Then Jesus said....." He went on and on and on. I laughed. One because of what he said and two because no one told him he was really holding a Bible. I love how he just assumes a book is the Bible. He is listening, even if it was about horses. Throughout the night, Gracie and Charlie took turns telling each other the words of the Lord in their version as they read and cooked. It was great!

Then on a sweet note, Gracie told me a couple of times while we were there, that it makes her sad that G.G. had to go to Heaven because she misses her. So, when she is crying, it is because she misses her and daddy when he is away.

On the way home, the kids asked me numerous questions about Heaven and the new earth. I LOVE THESE CONVERSATIONS. It is a great time and a scary time because my words are truth to them and I am laying a foundation for them. I pray I don't screw it up!

I LOVE how kids talk. They are such a blessing to me.


Ok so the "atlantis" as Sam calls it is going ok. His numbers are running way too high but people have told me it takes a while to get his body adjusted to it. It has been almost a week and Sam is handling it well. He is a little more hungry and trying to sneak here and there, but overall I am pleased. I can see where it is going to help his A1C (average blood sugar) and that is our goal. We want him to be level and not have lots of highs and lows. Sam's blood sugar should be around 80-150 with 150 being perfect. We rarely see that. Just to let you know, his blood sugar was 854 when we got him to Childrens at diagnosis. Thank you mom for saving his life. We were in complete denial and she noticed the signs and forced us to get him to the doctor. I am so thankful because I had no idea someone could die from diabetes. They said we were lucky.
SO, I was really nervous because our new insulin cannot be mixed with the other insulin Sam takes. This means we go from one shot to two shots at the same time if he is high at bedtime. Sam has not complained one time about it. I have been in complete amazement. I just knew I was going to get resistance. He is fine. I am so thankful for that little ray of sunshine in a confusing time.