Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grammys 2009

Back in February Bart was nominated for two grammys so we went for the weekend to LA.  I love getting dressed up and was very excited about this event.  Needless to say, neither Bart or the band won a grammy, but the show was great and we had a good time with friends.  

Charlie turned 3 !

Our little boy turned three Sunday and we had a big birthday party for him.  All he wanted to do was ride a horse.  So we broke down and got him pony rides for his party.  HE LOVED IT !!!!
He wanted to ride mystique and lady the entire time and not share.  They taught him how to tell the horse to go and stop.  He would hold his hand in the air and yell yee-haw everytime he came by us. It was great!  

Then today we took him to Glenda's for lunch and he told them that he had a birthday.  Towards the end of the meal he had the waitresses bringing him money for his birthday.  He made eight dollars at lunch.  He was not sure what to think of that, but loved it.  They were so generous.  We just laughed at him.   

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sophie Kate

We are finally getting to enjoy our girl.