Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July !!!!

Happy 4th!  This is a special time for us.  We began a tradition when Sam was one by putting him in our town parade.  Our kids look forward to it now and absolutely love it! They decorate whatever vehicle they are going to ride in and they wear their red, white and blue to support our country.  We are so proud to live in America and feel truly blessed to have the freedoms we have.  However, this is my chance to beg each of you reading to begin praying for our next election.  My heart and my spirit are very uneasy about Obama leading our country.  I feel he is sneaky, hiding things and is too much of a smooth talker.  You always need to watch smooth talkers that tell you everything you want to hear. I cannot believe Americans are being blinded to the fact he himself has stated that he does not support the American flag.   WHAT IS THAT?  Have we lost our sense of pride and appreciation for our country?  Our country was founded on Godly principles and we believers need to start taking a stand.  I feel we are in for a huge awakening if Obama takes office.  Our freedom to pray and have the ten commandments in government places have already been taken away from schools and government.  We just sit back thinking there is nothing we can do.  If Obama takes office we will lose a lot more.  I have read enough to know that he has some tie to Muslims and his pastor, whom he sat under,  stated his issues with whites and the American government.  Is that not alarming to anyone?  I am sure Moses was unsure of his ability to part the red sea with just a staff in his hand, and I bet Joshua had a thought or two pass through his mind that there was no way the walls were going to fall with a few people marching around the city.  However, they trusted the Lord and obeyed his instructions.  We have the word of God to look to and should know that biblical truth does not line up with Obama's truths.  Therefore, we should be fighting with all we have to save our country; which we are losing pieces of everyday to immorality and just the value of human life. If not for our generation... for our kids generation.  Ok I think I am done with my political soap box.  I get a little fired up about this issue. HAPPY FOURTH!!!!!!!!

Rain Rain Come Today!!!!!!!

About two weeks ago we had a big rainstorm. The kids love to play in the rain with their umbrellas and rain boots.  However, we had some lightning so we had to go in. They were so sad, so we waited until it was over and then they had the best time running through the puddles.  This was Charlie's first experience with rain boots and puddles. He loved it.  They had the best time together!