Sunday, May 18, 2008

STAY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the past two months have been a blur.  I have traveled with my husband some and Sam has kept us so busy with school events and T-ball.  I plan on posting as soon as kindergarten graduation is over on Tuesday.  Then life should slow down a little.  So, please check back in the next week for updated pics and posts.  Thanks and have a great week.

As I sit here writing, my two older kids are in my bed with 104 fevers.  This always makes me worry when fevers get this high.  Our youngest does not have this virus yet, but his little body cannot handle anything over 101.  He will go into a seizure so I ask that you please pray for quick healing for Sam and Gracie and protection over Charlie.  Illness scares me for many reasons.  The doctors also say illness broke down Sam's pancreas basically so I struggle daily with fear of another child getting diabetes.  I have to lay my fears down at Jesus' feet every time I think about it.  Anyway, please pray for our children.  We would appreciate it.