Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sam is interested in anything artistic. For example
he loves to draw, color and paint.  He had his
first real experience with finger paint this
past week.   ( I know you are shocked. I 
am not a messy person and this project
is hard for me to do; but I DID IT for the
record.) He also loves his figurines and 
Star Wars lego video game.

Now Charlie is our little rocker.  He absolutely 
LOVES MercyMe and he is fascinated with the
 guitar and watching daddy sing.  He got to 
experience his first concert a week ago and he
never took his eyes off the show.  It truly is
amazing.  He knows how to hold the guitar and
strum it and no one ever taught him.  He just
did it.  His favorite songs right now are Finally
Home and  I Know. He can sing some of it by
himself and he wants it loud and no one talking.
Funny guy!

An inside look at the Millard kids

Well, I thought I would let you see what the Millard kids are interested in these days!   
Let's begin with Gracie, who is three now... She loves to dress herself and loves purses, jewelry and stuffed animals.  Here she dressed herself for school.  Way to go!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Bart and I are in a discussion that we are welcoming your opinion on..... Is it bad to put a TV  in your child's rooms when they are little? At the bottom of this page there is a poll. Please take time to give us your opinion.  Thanks.

My Kids

Well, I love this picture of Sam, Gracie and Charlie.  They have just started playing together and enjoying one another.  It is priceless to see them together and  my heart overflows with the blessings they give me.