Sunday, June 21, 2009

funny sayings

The kids have given boo boos a new name. The other day Gracie tripped and fell on both her knees. The next day she was looking at her injury and said, " I sure was lucky, I just fell and almost opened my blood holes again."

Last night the kids, my parents and I were at my G.G.'s house going through her things and seeing what we needed to get rid of. There was a large stack of books and I noticed Charlie looking at them. He picked one up, sat on the chair and begin to open it up and read to Gracie. He said, " Now, Jesus said..... he had a horse and we were going to ride it. Then Jesus said....." He went on and on and on. I laughed. One because of what he said and two because no one told him he was really holding a Bible. I love how he just assumes a book is the Bible. He is listening, even if it was about horses. Throughout the night, Gracie and Charlie took turns telling each other the words of the Lord in their version as they read and cooked. It was great!

Then on a sweet note, Gracie told me a couple of times while we were there, that it makes her sad that G.G. had to go to Heaven because she misses her. So, when she is crying, it is because she misses her and daddy when he is away.

On the way home, the kids asked me numerous questions about Heaven and the new earth. I LOVE THESE CONVERSATIONS. It is a great time and a scary time because my words are truth to them and I am laying a foundation for them. I pray I don't screw it up!

I LOVE how kids talk. They are such a blessing to me.


Lisa said...

That's one reason I will always teach PreK! I love how young kids think, and the things they say. My girls are teens now, and I so miss the days when they said cute things. I love that pic with Charlie. Did you keep all those metal custard dishes? Those are awesome!

Tammy said...

I, too, LOVE those conversations! Priceless! And I have to laugh at the "blood holes"... makes sense! :)

Paisley said...

We keep a journal on all the little sayings that my granddaughter says, they are so precious. Tell Gracie that my granddaughter was skating tonight when she fell and opened her blood holes again. I know it hurt but I didn't think we were gonna make it back to the house as she was trying to look at it and skate at the same time.