Friday, June 26, 2009

It's been a while

Well, it seems like it has been a while since I have posted. We have been so busy with the daily summer fun..... workout, swim lessons, naps, some schooling, riding bikes and movie nights. I love summer. It is just a sweet time with family and friends.

WE had our JDRF kick off meeting to try and get everyone excited about the walk and raising funds and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. The walk is September 26th in Plano if anyone is interested. We would love to have you! I had the priviledge of meeting two families who had just had a child diagnosed with type 1 in January of this year. My heart hurt with them as the tears flowed. I know exactly how they feel. I hope that Bart and I were an encouragement to them to see that it does get better, at least with how you deal with the situation. The night before the meeting I was walking around the house saying under my breath...:I HATE DIABETES!" So, every day is a new day and there will always be good and bad, but the Lord makes the days easier to deal with as the sun rises and sets every morning and evening.

Sam is doing amazingly well with the Lantis. At bedtime if he is high, he has to have two shots instead of one because we cannot mix the two insulins like before. He had never complained about it. THANK YOU LORD!

He is getting really excited about the walk coming up. I love to see the encouragement he receives from this event.

Sophie Kate is sitting up and trying to pull herself across the floor. She needs to slow it down. My sweet baby is growing up fast!
Gracie and Charlie are in swim lessons and today they finally accomplished putting their face in the water. They were so proud of themselves.
I know this is random but I have to be quick tonight. Sorry.


Lisa said...

I enjoy the randomness of life. What kind of schooling do you do during the summer? My friend homeschools, and she does a lot of science activities and outdoor learning things (like taking them to a pond where they learn about alkilinity in water and stuff.) Anyway, congrats to Gracie and Charlie on their swim lessons, and congrats to you for working out!

Paisley said...

I love your posts whether they are random or not. So glad you are enjoying the summer. I dread working outside the home during the summer time because there are so many fun things to do during this time. I'm glad to hear that Sam is doing well on the Lantis. Its tough dealing with diabetes and it sounds like Sam is a trooper. I wish I lived near Plano as I would love to join the walk. I saw the recent pics of Sophie and she is growing. So proud of Gracie and Charlie and that they are being brave with the swim lessons. We need to get my granddaughter into swim lessons too.

miner man said...

The intense love you have for the world is amazing